Art and Fun are two things good for raising your spirits! Combining the two means focusing in the present moment, while enthusiastically engaging in creativity – which just can’t be beat for allowing stress to fall away and creating an opportunity for our “reset button” to get pushed.

Sometimes grownups just need to tap into their right-brains for some spontaneity, free associations and a vacation from their analytical left-brains. This is where The Art Party Studio comes in – along with a glass of wine and appetizers that you bring along.

Since we first opened in March of 2012, the goal of The Art Party Studio has been to provide a relaxed, friendly environment where fun and creativity can be explored.  You are likely to meet surgeons, housewives, corporate executives, college students, grandmothers, couples and singles at each event.

Even those who believe they cannot draw, much less paint, will be surprised. Everything is supplied except for the food and beverages, it’s easy to fit into your schedule, and we are conveniently located. We have a variety of paintings to choose from ranging from landscapes and still life, to birds, butterflies, flowers, animals, objects and even abstracts. No matter which one you choose, you are bound to enjoy yourself. And at the end of the night, you will have a finished painting to take home!

We hope you’ll join us in our endeavor to help you find your inner artist while having fun. You can come alone, bring some friends or make it a date night. Come out and paint a little, drink a little, and laugh a lot! See you soon!